Mery Lynn McCorkle

I’ve always been intrigued by layers which reveal and hide details since nothing in life is simple or straightforward. In grad school, I created reduction linoleum cuts using 50 to 75 colors. In California, I did paintings on the back and front of transparent vellum with layers of rice paper, saturated with acrylic, plucked with eyebrow tweezers, suspended on wires above it. Here in Georgia, I’ve settled on making collages with painted rag paper and then crusting them mostly with translucent glitter, both hiding and revealing the textures underneath. The mantra of the conceptual art world has been anorexic – less is more. And while that can be as structurally illuminating as prairies and deserts, I’m Southern and like lushness, decay and shiny things, awkward, vibrant visuals. Glitter manages to be both gauche and elegant, a fitting description for how I see our world.

McCorkle studied literature at the University of Georgia for her B.A. (1970) and printmaking at the University of Oregon for her M.F.A. (1979) After teaching at a community college in Eugene, Oregon for a number of years, she abandoned teaching and its perpetual budget cuts and migrated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1989. In early 2002, she moved to Los Angeles where she discovered a talent for curating exhibits. In addition to her visual art, she has written three novels focused on the art world. Last Judgment and Crystal Clear are suspense novels. Just Like Suicide examines self destructive behavior in the LA art scene. All three are available through At the beginning of the summer in 2010, she drove across country to relocate in Georgia and now lives among the mimosas and pines in Floyd County, just outside of Rome, northwest of Atlanta. She describes herself as a ping pong, bouncing between the coasts.

She is active on both Facebook and Instagram as MLMcCorkle.